These Are The People That Teach JPII Students

Allow me to brag about something that strikes me, truthfully, on a regular basis — that the JPII experience is one of unusually high teacher quality. Sounds kind of formal when put that way, though. Instead, here’s something about two JPII teachers that you may not know.

Mr. Alan Lynch, Campus Minister & Theology (and Spanish!) Teacher, recently led a student group in a week-long service trip to Duran, Ecuador. Student participants reported that it was a powerful experience and something that will be with them in the years ahead. I expected this, and probably you would, too. What I didn’t expect to learn is that there’s a school in Ecuador named after Mr. Lynch in recognition of his work over the years to the people of Ecuador. Wow.

Read Mr. Lynch’s Lenten message about Ecuador.

Ms. Jennifer Kelley, new Visual Arts teacher, recently completed the Lion athletic logo mural in the Fitness Center. No surprise there. But that’s not the only mural work that Ms. Kelley, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, has done — check out www.jennykelley.com for an eyeful of why I say that the JPII experience is one of unusually high teacher quality. I bet you’ll agree.


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