Catholic Schools: Battle-Tested

Cape Cod presents a competitive educational landscape, and this is a good thing. Public, public charter, vocational, private, and Catholic school options enable families to reflect upon what type of education they truly desire for their children. Aside from school leaders’ occasional sleepless nights, we likely all agree that competition forces our schools to sharpen our missions and be the best at what we say we are.

JPII’s strategy in this challenging environment is to stay true to what Catholic schools have proven to do best. Catholic schools promote academic excellence,inculcate safety, security, respect and accountability, deepen young people’s spiritual lives with authentic Catholic teaching and practice, provide extensive co-curricular opportunities, and form a warm, caring community of students, staff, and families.

I’m reminded of the importance of staying true to Catholic school excellence when reading the April 2013 issue of CAPE Outlook, a national journal published by the Council of American Private Education. Typically, CAPE advocates for independent schools. Yet in their review of the superior graduation rates, college enrollment rates, and college degree acquisition rates that private schools demonstrate over public schools, it becomes clear that Catholic schools emerge superior not only to public schools but other private schools as well in these important indicators.

Read the report.

Catholic schools have proven their value. The right mission, sincerely executed, and in line with years of proven results helps JPII stand out in the Cape’s crowded school landscape.

Roar Lions!


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