Remember “Staff Picks?”

You might remember visiting your local video store, at a certain point in recent history, where you would find “staff picks” shelves. Whether independent stores, Blockbuster, Hollywood, or some other, staff picks sought to rescue perhaps lesser known, forgotten-yet-favored choices close to (some)one’s heart. Seinfeld even has a staff picks-themed episode.

This year, JPII staff members have been invited to open high school staff meetings with favored verse, in addition to customary prayer. Such verse gives the staff the chance to mull words, to step back from the business of school operations, and to share a bit of ourselves in the reading.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy these selections as well. Here are JPII staff picks, for verse, this year:

August, 2016: Blessings, by Ronald Wallace. Offered by Mr. Keavy. Wry and upbeat way to start the school year.

September, 2016: The Dead of September 11, by Toni Morrison. Offered by Dr. Spadaro.

October, 2016: The Heart of the Teacher, by Parker Palmer. Offered by Dr. Ballou.

November, 2016: The Village Blacksmith, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Offered by Mrs. Hufnagle, in memory of her father.

December, 2016: The Station, by Robert J. Hastings. Offered by Mme. Medeiros, in memory of her brother.

January, 2017: The Benefits of Ignorance, by Hal Sirowicz. Offered by Mr. Keavy. Nothing personal, parents!

March, 2017: Carmen XXII by Gaius Valerius Catullus. Translated from Latin by Ms. Smith.


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