The Long View

The following reflection is excerpted from my commencement address delivered on Monday, June 5, 2017. 

“Along these lines, that of big goals, selfless effort, and the long view — I’d like to introduce and honor a man whose vision and efforts proved critical to the existence and success of our high school. Joe Hoffman began the effort, in 2004, to open the Cape’s first Catholic high school, then conceived to be St. Francis Xavier Preparatory High School. As a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Cape community leader, and one whose sister lives vowed religious life, Joe was drawn to the possibility and promise of a Catholic high school on Cape Cod.  

Joe was a leader in the successful effort to purchase the Barnstable grade five building as the site of the new high school, despite opposition and competition. After the building’s purchase, the sledding proved to be difficult, and key leaders quit the effort; true to the notion that we often overestimate what can be done in a year. But Joe stayed on. Navigating between a local group that lost its mojo and our Diocese not yet willing to adopt the fragile project, Joe and a small number persevered, kept the vision in sight, and the dream alive. Soon additional funding was secured, the Diocese sponsored the school, and the doors opened in 2007.  Joe continued to serve as an Advisory Board member and chaired through the school’s difficult unification with St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School in 2013. Always, Joe and his wife Felicia have been faithful donors, supporters, and Cape citizens willing to work for things larger than themselves. Take from their good example.

This past Spring, Joe retired from active leadership on the Advisory Board. 

We honor Joe tonight not only for his contributions to our ten-year story but as an example of setting big goals, goals that lead away from self and toward God. From the beginning of this work, Joe had no self-interest. He would never send a child to JPII, nor seek a job, nor expect remuneration, nor benefit personally from the school’s success. He put himself at the service of something he knew could be achieved and derived from his efforts the satisfaction of your success. Joe Hoffman and his wife Felicia are here tonight, and I ask that you join me in expressing our appreciation.”


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