Richly Deserved

Longtime friend, Board member, SFXP & JPII parent, and community leader Steve Tenaglia has been named “The Board Member of the Year” by The Association of Catholic Admissions and Advancement Professionals (ACAAP). Steve will be honored at ACAAP’s Spring Conference, held at Holy Cross’s Hogan Center in March.

Here’s an except from Steve’s nomination letter:

“Steve Tenaglia is the epitome of community leadership, humble service, and selfless dedication. He is a “founding father” of Pope John Paul II High School (est. 2007), having served as Board project overseer in the school’s early construction phase, and  has provided continuous Board leadership through the school’s establishment, and mergers with St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School (Hyannis, 2013) and St. Margaret Regional School (Buzzards Bay, 2018). Steve’s Board service concludes with the 2018-2019 school year, and it is hard to imagine a more dedicated, professional Board member with which to grow the school.

Like all good Board members, Steve is a faithful donor. However, his service and leadership have been felt most keenly in community relationships and facility management. Steve’s community service background, approachable manner, professional presentation, and willingness to ‘roll up his sleeves’ were instrumental in securing the former Barnstable High School building, in 2005, as the site for the new Pope John Paul I High School. Once secured, Steve led the Facilities Committee through the old school building’s renovation construction management, and transfer to Diocesan ownership in 2007. Steve kept on as a Board leader, leading the Facilities Committee as two new buildings, St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and St. Margaret Regional School were added to the campus. Steve’s dedication, good humor, and stick-to-it-iveness are a blessing to the Board and the entire school community.

While I cite Steve’s continuous career of service and not one noteworthy accomplishment, he was instrumental in securing a 391 solar panel array on the roof of the SFXP building and is currently leading the school’s exploration of CPC funding for campus improvements.

By honoring Steve Tenaglia, ACAAP honors Board members marked by extraordinary dedication, flexibility, and selflessness.”



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