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Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Discover Your Best Self

At JPII, students fully develop their God-given potential to be – the best person, the best student, the best artist, the best writer, the best athlete, the best Christian – the very best they can be.

Our curriculum features the traditional, liberal arts, transferable skills of reading, writing, and speaking.  We know these skills allow students to excel and lead in the wide variety of circumstances their adult lives will entail.

Through great books, public speaking, and frequent and focused writing, JPII students develop a solid foundation that will set them apart on campus and in the workplace.  

More than a collection of academic subject areas, the JPII education shows and teaches Catholic theology, Church traditions and practices, prayer and moral decision-making, and the life of the Christian person in the modern world. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) study is critical, and JPII students have ample opportunity to explore these areas in courses such as
AP Computer Science Principles, Principles of Engineering, AP Statistics, as well as through the full complement of traditional mathematics and science courses.

St. John Paul II High School’s faculty members share a calling: to educate students in a rich tradition; to commission them to give witness to a shared vision of faith, hope, and love; and to prepare them for the world in which they will live, work, play, and pray.

They are dedicated and skilled.

And they love to teach.

Students receive a top-notch college preparatory education where academic excellence founded on hard work and self-discipline are paramount. As a result, they are equipped to survive and thrive amidst the rigors of even the most selective universities.


Ms. Mona Lisa Valentino and Dr. AJ Ballou

Mona Lisa ValentinoMs. Mona Lisa Valentino

A. J. Ballou photoDr. AJ Ballou
Assistant Principal
of Academics

"Teaching at JPII means freedom. Freedom to teach above and beyond the latest state standards. Freedom to explore new ideas and new approaches that help students see beyond exams, grades, and transcripts.  Freedom for both teacher and student to step back, look up, and see the grandeur of our ever mysterious and miraculous natural world."

Jim Remillard
Jim Remillard Department Chair, Science

"It is special because we can connect with teachers, which is something that doesn't often happen in a large, public school."

Mia Giannakoulis
Mia Giannakoulis ‘20

"People want the best for you and push you to achieve greatness. The academics, while challenging, push each and every student towards being the best they can be."

Isabelle LeBoeuf, '19
Isabelle LeBoeuf '19

"JPII has helped my daughter to grow and become more self-confident. The education she received was excellent, but more importantly, she has been embraced by a loving and caring “family”.  She made life-long friends and learned skills that will carry her through adulthood."

Silvia Doe
Silvia Doe parent
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