Retreat Programs

You will participate in retreat experiences while at St. John Paul II High School.  The retreat program is a four-year program designed to be an integral part of your growth and development during your high school years.

The retreat themes are connected to the Theology curriculum. Therefore, the topics you explore in the classroom become the basis for discussion and activities during your retreats making it come alive and be “more real.”

Early in the Freshman year, students’ first retreat experience at St. John Paul II High School focuses on Gifts. Freshman participate in activities and listen to personal witnesses geared towards helping them recognize their own God-given gifts, as well as the gifts of their classmates.

In the fall of Sophomore year, students experience a retreat centered on Family: at home, at school, and in Christ. Witness talks on these three topics provide the foundation for small group discussions, which enable students to deepen existing connections with their classmates. Students also have the opportunity to give and receive positive affirmations with their peers, emphasizing the spirit of family we strive to cultivate at St. John Paul II.

The Junior class retreat takes place in the spring, with a focus on servant leadership.  This retreat experience is designed to underscore the leadership role these students will have as seniors, and their responsibility to model servant leadership to the underclassmen as Jesus did to the Apostles.  Students participate in activities and listen to personal witnesses. 

Students’ final high school retreat is a significant departure from the freshman, sophomore, and junior experiences. Senior students choose from a selection of retreats, and past offerings have included: hiking in the White Mountains, biking along the Cape Cod Canal, kayaking in Bass River, and walking along the Freedom Trail in Boston. Though the activities are unique, all Senior retreats focus on the theme of moving forward from their time at St. John Paul II, and the challenge of living out our charism of “Communicating Christ” in the world.

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